Super-Speed™ Caterpillar Belts have set a new benchmark of quality and efficiency in Cable and PVC Pipe Industries since its launch by Embekon Engineers three decades ago. Today, our Caterpillar Belts have become synonymous with reliability and continue to achieve new milestones.

Super-Speed™ Caterpillar Belts are reinforced all synthetic new generation belts with specially formulated compounds which ensure consistency and dependability with improved performance and greater economy regardless of application. These belts are engineered to precision by our technical team after in-depth analysis of our customers needs.


Cable Industries

In Cable Industries, extruded armored cables are passed between two plain Caterpillar Belts and subsequently forwarded into rolls for end-use application


PVC Pipe Industries

In PVC Pipe Industries, extruded PVC Pipes are passed between two dual-sided grooved belts and subsequently forwarded into rolls for end-use application. For these industries we provide you with multiple hardness choices as per the variations in PVC Pipe density


Special Design Features

  1. Jacket Fabric

  2. Cushion Compound

  3. Compression Compound

  1. Polyester Cord

  2. Compression Compound

  3. Cushion Compound

Dual use Caterpillar Belts

  • Section 4” – Cut on top 4 grooves in the bottom

  • Section 6” – Cut on top 6 grooves in the bottom

  • Section 8” – Cut on top 7 grooves in the bottom



Standard Sizes

  • 4” x 68"

  • 4” x 76"

  • 6” x 76"

  • 4” x 90"


  • PVC Pipe Extrusion Machine

  • Haul-off drives of Extruder Machine

  • Cable Industry

  • Welding Rod Industry