We are one of the leading manufacturers engaged in the coating of Rubber, Sponge and PU on all types of:

  • Rubber Timing Belts

  • PU Timing Belts

  • Poly Belts

  • Flat Belts

  • Nylon Sandwich Belts

Belts can be supplied in varying sponge densities and thicknesses. Rubber coating can be done from 35 Shore A to 95 Shore A hardness



  • Rubber Coated Timing Belts are used in form fill seal machines to pull down plastic foil to form a pouch or a bag into which the product to be packed is filled

  • Sponge Coated Timing Belts are used in conveying delicate articles, Biscuit conveying, Bakery products and Jewellery

  • Rubber Coated Nylon Sandwich Belts (Feeder Belts) are used in corrugated paper industries