Embekon Engineers is a trusted supplier to the fitness industry for its Treadmill belt requirements. We have the entire range of treadmill belts serving Home Gyms to Commercial fitness centers.

Our belts have been developed to meet the current industry trends and technological advantages recently adopted thus ensuring that the non-negotiable requirements of a quality treadmill machine are met.

Treadmill Belts

Material Thicknesses

The following are the thicknesses available with us:

  • 1.6mm Single Ply

  • 2.3mm Dual Ply

  • 2.5mm Dual Ply

  • 3.0mm Dual Ply


Belt Construction

Top Surface - Black Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Embossed with Grip surface pattern. Our ‘Diamond Profile top surface pattern ensures not only ultimate grip, but also provides superior impact absorption and cushioning effect while retaining a hard wearing, durable and long belt life benefit.


Centre Core - Single / Dual ply rigid weft Polyester material. The core carcass of the belt is of a Polyester rigid weft, achieving 12N/mm or 68.5 lbs/in elongation at 1%.


Underneath (Driving) side - Unique ‘Fluency Backing’, smooth natural colored fabric allowing for reduced lubrication intervals. LdB (low decibel fabric) for reduced noise.

Treadmill Belts

Belt Features

  • Tensile Strength = 30N/mm

  • Temperature range -10°C Minimum to +80°C Maximum

  • Flexibility Minimum Pulley (roller) Diameter 50mm

  • Built-in permanent antistatic (anti static electricity)


Joint / Splice

We incorporate the industries preferred method of Thermo Welded single finger joint (also known as a ‘Z’ joint), the joint is angled diagonally across the width of the belt to maximize joint strength through stress disbursement.