V-belts are the basic belts for power transmission. They provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings, and long service life. We at Embekon Engineers (India) have the ability to custom make our entire gamut of V-Belts and their various types as per the specification set by our clients.


Classical V-Belts

Classical V Belts are available in sections A, B, C, D and E.

Wedge Section V-Belts

Wedge belts are available in SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC sections. Narrow Wedge Belts are available in 3V, 5V and 8V sections.


Hexagonal V-Belts

Super-Speed™ is a trusted name in the manufacture of all standard and odd sizes of Hexagonal Belts used in Agricultural equipment, Textile machinery, Printing machinery and Automotive Industries. These belts are available in Sections AA, BB and CC.

Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts

Cogged belts are available in sections ZX, AX, BX and CX in Classical; XPZ, XPA, XPB, and XPC in Wedge; and 3VX, 5VX and 8VX in Narrow Wedge belt sections.


Banded V-Belts

Banded V-Belts are available in the Classical RA, RB, RC, RD and RE sections; RSPZ, RSPA, and RSPB in the Wedge sections; R3V, R5V and R8V in the Narrow Belt sections; and RAX, RBX, RCX, R3VX and R5VX in the cogged sections.

Profile Top V-Belts

Profile Top V-Belts are available in the classical B and C sections and are mainly used for conveying purposes in the Ceramic Tiles Industry.


Wide Angle Polymax V-Belt

This 60°angle series wide angle belt is suitable for high speed, smooth drives with minimum vibration. These belts are available in 3M, 5M, 7M and 11M sections.

Perforated V-Belts

Open-ended V-belting with joint holes which can be adjusted to required length simply with splicing bracket. Recommended for temporary use when the existing V-belt has to be replaced urgently. Available in M,A,B and C sections